World War 3?

Call of Duty World War II is the latest of many in a series of Call of Duty games. This violent and gory game is completely based off of World War II warfare. The campaigns story mode follows Ally soldiers throughout known and “secretive” missions to take down Hitler and the axis army. The game took the time to get details of what guns were used during the time, and language of the soldiers on both sides, including slang and formal war language. The multiplayer maps are based off of places where battles took placed during World War II and also surrounded with cars, houses, and other items to make you feel more embedded in the time. This Call of Duty sets itself apart from the others by introducing many more ways to play. It is very inclusive for all types of players. If you are a heart player, they introduced a new community based place to interact with other players. Call of Duty has always been very popular within the spades family due to its violent nature. Now with new features such as bayonet charges and more blood as it was in World War II. Club players are welcome to explore more in headquarters as call of duty even has mini missions that involve you finding hidden items. The headquarters had all types of areas that are not needed to finish the game. Diamond players are now welcomed to show off their achievements and gain many more through the headquarters. While playing zombies you also use the same guns and items. To draw you away from the realism of the other game modes and into the zombie world there are different power ups and magical features. These assist you while fighting off the zombie apocalypse and complete a mission that they still connect back to the world war two story line in a way

Here is one challenge that allows Club players to explore their heart away!!


Call of Duty WWII had become added so much gore.

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